Monday, January 30, 2017

We Are More (Shivani)

My identity and my white husband attracted much curiosity in India. "Are you Indian?" "Where are you from?" "Why don't you speak Hindi?". None of these questions have easy answers. I am a South African. I was born in SA, my parents were born in SA and some of my grandparents were born in SA too . But culturally I'm at least partially Indian. The food, music, mythology, literature all run deeply through my soul. I love India, I love the way the language sounds, I love feeling some connection to the chaos, the colour, the vibrancy. My name is Indian, I look Indian. But India isn't home, South Africa is. This is the story of immigration, of blended identities, of roots in one place, dreams in another. People are more than the stamp in their passport, more than their city of departure, more than the colour of their skin, their ethnicity, their faith.

Blended Identity

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